Sumak Metal Değirmen Mak. Pet. Otom. İnş. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., which was founded by Tevfik Sumak, has been maintaining manufacturing milling machines and spare parts in total 6000 m2 closed area in Büsan Special Organized Industry and Konya 1. Organized Industry since 1985. By exporting milling machines to a lot of country aside from Russia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq and Algeria, Sumak provides a huge contribution to our national economy.

Thanks to its quarter century long experimentation, Sumak has correlated an invulnerable relationship with its customers and it still has been working with heart and soul for your contentment. With 1000 tons of production in a year and CE, ISO 9001 certificates; Sumak has expanded its service caliber and has developed its service quality. It’s working ceaselessly to be one of the leaders of the sector. It keeps up pace with the developing technology on metal cutting and metal shaping applications, realizes the ‘’flawless production – work continuity’’ principles with its well-experienced workmen.

Sumak, which has a sufficient product stock and a quick distribution web for you, respectable customers, is a strong company. Sumak the most accurate address for strong, secure and economic milling machines and spare parts; is a company that has reached to the last technological developments, has a various product line and is a solution-oriented company.

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The milling machinery industry, domestically and abroadly of establishing appropriate technologies, turn key systems, user and employee satisfaction, that the change in direction that allover the world is to be the prefer red our brand.Therefore, SUMAK MILLING CO.LTD,also based on; customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, quality and team-work, social responsibility, professional management understanding, technological developments, suitability and sharing with the become an industry leader has made anorganization based on a “VISION”.


SUMAK MILL CO. LTDmission is based on; to our customers ‘ satisfaction for making an international quality standards to produce the quality of milling machines , and also to produce the quality of after-sales services.